Many newspapers and magazines in Malaysia have reported / published articles related to Sim Koa Yen. This including Nan Yang Pau, China Press, New Life Post, Sin Chew Daily, Melaka Hari Ini, and Farming World.

  • 2011.05.03 Nan Yang Pau—Sim Koa Yen supply fresh durian to the market and tourists.
  • 2010.08.24 China Press—Labeling for the durian and promoting via different channel to overseas.
  • 2010.05.17 Melaka Hari Ini—Sim Koa Yen synonymous with organic and quality durians.
  • 2009.07.08 New Life Post—Organic durian incense to Singapore and Malaysia.
  • 2009.07.06 Nan Yang Pau—Say no to chemical,protecting the environment, harmless fruits and treat your life good.
  • 2008.06.22 Nan Yang Pau—Deputy Minister of Works – Datuk Yong visited Sim Koa Yen for durian tasting.
  • 2008.06.18 Melaka Hari Ini—Enjoy King of Fruits at Sim Koa Yen
  • 2008.06.17 Sin Chew Daily—Sim Koa Yen is BORN because the Super Durian Lover’s owner, famous durian in the Historic State!
  • 2008.05.18 Nan Yang PauGeneral Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China groups visited Sim Koa Yen.
  • 2007.07.19 Melaka Hari Ini—Sim Koa Yen – to be made hallmark durian of Melaka and is the first and only durian farm with SALM in Melaka.
  • 2007.07.13 Nan Yang Pau—Nanyang Press Fund arranged hundred of senior citizens to taste the king of fruit-Durian.
  • 2005.07 Farming World—Well-managed, durian demand over supply!
  • 2005.05.31 Sin Chew Daily—Durian tasting and re-charge yourself and away from the busy life.

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