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    About Sim Koa Yen

    Sim Koa Yen is located in Machap District of the Historical City of Malaysia – Malacca/Melaka. Sim Koa Yen is built abutting the largest dam in the state of Malacca – the Durian Tunggal Dam. Once step into the orchard, picturesque scenery soon comes into sight. The orchard possesses a peaceful environment brimming with sound and scent of the nature. [MORE]

    International Standard Durian Orchard

    Sim Koa Yen has been awarded the certificate of SALM by Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture on 10-03-2004. To obtain this SALM certificate, one must practice Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the production of vegetables, fruits and other crops. Our farming operations emphasize on environmental protection that protects the nature and ecology, conforms to the international specification and cares for consumers’ health. [MORE]

    Malaysia Champion Durian

    Sim Koa Yen won the Championship in Malaysia Durian at Year 2008 and also won the Second Place in Malaysia Jackfruit at Year 2007. [MORE]

    Planted up to 29 clones of durian

    When people talking about the best of durian, mostly will remind of Kunyit a.k.a. Mao Shan Wang. Mao Shan Wang is very popular and normally in short supply. Once you try it, you will hardly forget the taste! Of course you may not like the taste of it, but you still have the chance to taste up to 29 clones of durian in our orchard! [MORE]

    Newspapers & magazines reported

    Many newspapers and magazines in Malaysia have reported / published articles related to Sim Koa Yen. This including Nan Yang Pau, China Press, New Life Post, Sin Chew Daily, Melaka Hari Ini, and Farming World. [MORE]